Want to buy split AC in 1 ton (5 star) for my home. plese share your experience about this.?

Answer I strongly recommend Friedrich. They're excellent.If you're looking for a mini-split system, there aren't that many differences between the various brands. Samsung is pretty good, Sanyo is pretty... Read More »

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Plese help me. My laptp is Toshiba c640, using windows 7 home premium.?

Seems the problem is with your sound card. Go to Device Manager and check if your sound card has a Exclamation mark besides it. If it is then try updating the driver or reinstalling. Did this happe... Read More »

Can someone share their experience in purchasing a 3D TV?

There is one rule for buying a 3D television and that is to experience as many models as you can before buying. When you have, you will know: What are the most comfortable glassesWhat the best imag... Read More »

Melatonine : any bad experience you would like to share ?

When it comes to hormones, I think it's generally not a good idea to take them unless your doctor specifically prescribes them. Your body usually manufactures them in the amounts that you need. T... Read More »

How to Get the Experience Share in "Gold Version"?

In the Pokemon handheld games, Experience Share--shortened in-game to "exp. share"--is a valuable item for leveling up weak Pokemon. The Pokemon holding Experience Share will receive half of the ex... Read More »