Want to buy some sample first for i pods resale in India. any suggestions.?

Answer go to gaffar market delhi

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I want to be a software engineer, How can i approach to success , gave me some suggestions?

software engg deals with writing application programs...In the company there are various projects based on software.. when u join d company as software engg. .. the project leader of d company will... Read More »

I want to cut processed foods out of my diet! Need some food suggestions and helpful advice! ?

If you buy what's in season it's more economical. Like now would not be the time to eat, let's say, brussel sprouts. I eat fresh all the time on a budget. Mostly salads but I put interesting thi... Read More »

I want to get a brazilian wax..BUT I NEED SOME ADVICE FIRST!?

it sounds like this is your first time... well it's as simple as this, just tell the lady what you want taken off, even if its everything she can still wax off all the hair down there!! that includ... Read More »

I am very angry and unhappy all the time! I dont want to take pills I want something natural any suggestions?

Even natural remedies cannot do for you what you need to do for yourself. And, believe it or not, your happiness does not depend on eating right or reading the bible, however, it's not going to hu... Read More »