Want to buy printer where the cartridges dont cost an arm and leg.?

Answer With the cost of the printers dropping down to ludicrous levels (Color Laser Printer sub $250 at Staples) it is getting harder and harder to find a printer that is more expensive then the ink/toner... Read More »

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What's the cheapest home printer scanner copier, based on cost of ink cartridges + cost of printer itself.?

The HP C5180 In my opinion is the best printer on the market right now as far as quality, speed, cost of ink, and cost of printer. This printer is great for photos and the ink is very decently pric... Read More »

If you dont use your printer for a while, will your ink cartridges dry up even though they aren't empty?

Yes, the cartrages are the income source for printer companies.

I need replacement cartridges for my printer. They cost about £2 less than the printer. Why?

Many companies sell the printer at a loss, and jack up the prices of the consumables.You only buy one printer, you buy many many sets of cartridges.Insult to injury - all companies ship their print... Read More »

Why do printer cartridges cost so much?

according to a canon printer rep "so the company can make money. We sell the printers at a cheap price, and then you have to buy our ink"