Want to buy a camcorder for son's birthday?

Answer Here's a helpful camcorder buying guide -…and a list of top camcorders (by price range) for 2006 -…where the top... Read More »

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Hi there i wana buy a camcorder and i dont want a cd writer or a casset recorder inbuilt in camcorder?

Buy new Sony Camcorder which comes with a built in Hard drive... 30GB, 60GB etcin 60GB Harddrive you can store up to 40 Hours of recording... and cost $700I think a 30GB wll cost you somewhere betw... Read More »

My sons 1st birthday party, May 5th.....Coming up quick!!! HELP!?

Planning a first birthday party can be difficult. For a one year old's party however it is best to keep it simple. The party is really for you than for the baby. I have a blog post on this very sub... Read More »

I want a digital camcorder to record my holiday. I have no idea about them and want to spend £300. Any Recs?

For £300 you can get a decent one. Stuff Mag recommends the Hitachi DZ-MV780E for £270Enjoy...

My current girlfriend gave birth to our daughter on MY birthday! I don't want to share a birthday! Help?