Want to buy Camcorder for a mac, numerous questions. quite clueless thank you!?

Answer You did not tell us which Mac, which operating system version or which version of iMovie you are using.The new MacBooks and the MacBook Air do not have a firewire port or a way to add one, so you w... Read More »

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Numerous questions on the FAFSA refund check?

1) Does everyone get it?No, not everyone gets one. You have to have enough financial aid for it to be MORE than your bill at the school. Some folks don't get enough aid and actually owe more mone... Read More »

I have a few questions about the RCA Small Wonder EZ205 camcorder...?

Well...I can't really answer your question, but I'm glad you asked it - I'm going to be watching all the answers because I also have been wondering about this...I have 2 versions of the Flip - the ... Read More »

Vagina's and their numerous uses?

I use mine as a handbag; keep everything in there.My phone, pens, moneyAnd when my vagina is full I use my friends to carry things.

How to scan rapidly numerous documents?

You need a scanner with an automatic feeder, not cheap!