Want to be the perfect model weight Height too?

Answer Hey I'm Ashley and I am also 5'7'' I know there are models who are 5'7'', 5'7'' Is the minimum height. I used to be 140 pounds like you but reciantly i lost 10 pounds and im trying to get to 120 p... Read More »

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I want to be a model. I'm 15, 5"10.5 ft bust: 39.5 Waist: 26.5 Hips: 35 weight: 150lbs, help on how to be one?

Your measurements are fine, maybe bust area is a bit off. For catalogues models I'd say it should be around 32'' to 34'', catwalk : 32'' to 36''.If you really want to do this, you have to get yours... Read More »

I want to grow in height im already 5"8 tall but want to be 5"10?

Just be who you are, you will be much happier that way.

I want to buy a laptop but I know dont which model to buy. I want to buy a Dell because I've found it cheap.?

Thought I'd add my two bits to this discussion too... lol. First of all, excellent choice, Dell systems are wonderful. They have award winning customer service, a fabulous website for support and d... Read More »

How to Get the Perfect Model Body?

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