Want some free advice for preparing your child for kindergarten?

Answer This was some wonderful advice. You have spoken a great deal about how it is important for the parents to spend time with their children, however, you haven't mentioned much about the importance of... Read More »

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What My Child Should Know for Kindergarten?

What a child should know before starting kindergarten is a question that is often on parents' minds as they prepare to send their child to kindergarten. Children should have a simple idea of academ... Read More »

What does my child need to know before he goes to kindergarten?

Your child would benefit greatly from attending at least a three hour a day program. They cover so much, and the socialization is so important.

What's the best advice you've ever been given on raising a child?

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...Spend time with your child and he will know you love him. Money is not everything... We all know this is not an issue for you both. Money will not give your child wh... Read More »

Advice on How to Change a Child's Last Name?

Custodial parents can choose to change their child's legal name, but only with court approval. If parents do not follow the proper procedures for changing their child's last name, their child may h... Read More »