Want To Cut Hair Up To My Shoulders...?

Answer I would say if you're willing to cut your hair a bit shorter than shoulder length, maybe 1 or 2 inches above your shoulders then depending on how long your hair is you could donate it to make wigs... Read More »

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How do i rock my short hair its curly and up to my shoulders ;[ i dont want to straighten it no more help?

Curly hair looks cool in a bun, even if you might have some trouble getting it in there. You could put a cool barrette in there.You could ask your hairdresser to give you side bangs, which are in n... Read More »

My back, shoulders, and butt itch, should I try Head and Shoulders or Selson Blue?

How can my hair grow in a month its up to my shoulders,?

People's hair can grow at different rates. My cousin's hair grows about 1 inch per month. Mine varies.To help your hair grow take B vitamins, drink lots of water, massage your scalp when you wash y... Read More »

'why do i have hair growing on my back and shoulders?

At last you admit you have excessive hair problems! See everyone i told you! Should this not be in Mens Health though?