Wanna do my little survey Sure you do.?

Answer 1 - Ketchup2 - Only if it would save my son's life.3 - Spelling errors, junk questions, idiots who think being homophobic and/or racist is funny.You have a nice day as well!

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What is the rest of the Jodie call 'I wanna be a navy pilot I wanna fly an F-14 i wanna fly with the cock pit open I wanna hear them commies scream'?

The Amish are not members of the church at birth. They're not permitted to join the church until they're adults. There's a period before this decision in made, known as Rumspringa. During this time... Read More »

By now, is it safe Just wanna make sure!?

Wanna take my completely random survey?

Age? 14Gender? femaleFirst name? EllenFavorite genre of music? Any type of music that sounds goodLeast favorite genre? Ummm I don't know. I doon't listen to rap that much. Favorite band? Plain Whi... Read More »

Random little Survey :)?

1. Imagine you found out you are pregnant today. What's the first thing you do?~Freak right the F out. NOT ready for another baby yet.2. What did you want to be when you were a kid?~A veterinarian.... Read More »