Wanna buy a tv with good quality and a cheapest price one?

Answer I suppose you are talking in rupees. At that price you might at best get a 22". An AOC or Benq perhaps. I would suggest you check out LG. I belive they would have a decent, reliable 22" at a reason... Read More »

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What is the cheapest way to record my songs on PC or a Digital device with a good quality?

I think a good USB microphone is in need, so is a good audio recoring application.

Where do i can buy dvds with low price and good quality?

Here you go luck.

What is the rest of the Jodie call 'I wanna be a navy pilot I wanna fly an F-14 i wanna fly with the cock pit open I wanna hear them commies scream'?

The Amish are not members of the church at birth. They're not permitted to join the church until they're adults. There's a period before this decision in made, known as Rumspringa. During this time... Read More »

What is the cheapest good quality headphones?