Wallpaper on walls gas cooker?

Answer Hi,Just scrap the paper. and put some tiles on. Very inexpensive to do. Wouldn't cost you more than a few quids and you can try do it yourself.Just measure how many m2 (metre sq) you will need and ... Read More »

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How do you take off wallpaper on my walls?

check out for a video on it then you can see it as well as the other info you got from the other answer /so I won't repeat it...also some people prime and paint it instead of removing it

How to Wallpaper Cement Walls?

If you have a room with cement walls, such as a dorm room or a basement, and think your only option for wall color is paint, you're wrong. Even if the surface is rough, you can still hang wallpaper... Read More »

How to Fix Walls After Removing Wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper is a tricky task because if the adhesive is not removed thoroughly from the wall, it can cause the wallpaper to rip some of the drywall paper as it is peeled. The drywall can be ... Read More »

Whats the best way to take off wallpaper on old walls?

You won't believe how easy this is... Go to any store where they sell wallpaper supplies, etc. Home Depot will do, too. Buy the tool to score the wallpaper. It looks like a mini pizza cutter bu... Read More »