Wall Moulding Ideas?

Answer When designing a room, overlooking smaller details is easy. However, small decorative elements can actually have a significant impact on the overall look of a room. Wall molding may not initially s... Read More »

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Window Moulding Ideas?

A lot of factors go into selecting the best window molding, including the location of the window, the type of window, budget, carpentry skills and personal tastes. Once you've chosen a molding type... Read More »

Kitchen Moulding Ideas?

Molding is the trim that sits around walls and windows throughout your room. Generally, it's made of wood, but when you put molding in the kitchen, you have other options depending on your decor. W... Read More »

Moulding & Trim Ideas?

Adding moulding and trim to a home is a quick way to make the space look updated and inviting. Home renovations can be costly and time consuming, but adding a bit of trim or moulding to areas like ... Read More »

What do you call the concave floor moulding usually made of vinyl or metal used in most commercial kitchens to eliminate the angle from wall to floor for easy sweeping?

Rubber Cove Molding or Cove Base. It can be found at Lowe's Home Improvement Center and other retailers even though it is commonly used in commercial applications such as restaurant kitchens, publi... Read More »