Wall Demolition Tools?

Answer Homes are built to last and, whether a wall is made of wood or concrete, it's not going to come down easily. Hand tools, like demolition's ubiquitous sledge hammer, can smash through gypsum board, ... Read More »

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Tile Demolition Tools?

Tile is a popular wall and flooring material because, among other reasons, its strength and durability. These attributes make removing tile a time-consuming, labor-intensive task, even when using p... Read More »

Wall Tiling Tools?

With the proper planning and attention to detail, most do-it-yourselfers can successfully tile a wall. There are quite a few tools needed to complete the project, however, many are inexpensive. It ... Read More »

Wall & Floor Tiling Tools?

When tiling a wall or floor, you will need several tools in order to complete the job successfully; without them, completing the job will be almost impossible. In addition there are a few extra to... Read More »

Wall & Floor Cleaning Tools?

Whether for regular maintenance or cleaning up a construction project, the right tools reduce the amount of time and effort required to clean and restore walls and floors. Wall and floor cleaning t... Read More »