Walkthrough for How to Get Past Distortion World in "Platinum"?

Answer "Pokemon Platinum" is one of five fourth-generation Pokemon games released for the Nintendo DS. "Pokemon Platinum" is the only game to allow access to Distortion World, where you can encounter the ... Read More »

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How Do I Get Past Lava Rocks in "Pokemon Platinum"?

Once you get to Route 229 in "Pokemon Platinum" for the Nintendo DS, you will come across something of a mystery. Towards the top of the map, near the exit to the Resort area, is a Pokeball sitting... Read More »

How to Get Past the Trench Veterans on "World at War"?

Released in 2008, "Call of Duty: World at War" is the fifth game in the "Call of Duty" first-person shooter franchise. In this edition, players assume control of U.S. Marines and Russian soldiers a... Read More »

How to Get Past Asian World in "Epic Mickey"?

The Asian world of the Wii video game "Epic Mickey" begins with a boat ride. It starts right after the jungle boat ride. The water in the Asian part is hazardous, and the villainous Blots and Splat... Read More »

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