Walking is an example of?

Answer Walking is an action, otherwise known as a verb.

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Right knee pain when walking DOWN the stairs, DOWNhill and normal walking?

Walking is good for health - Which time is best walking?

If stray dogs are there in your area better avoid 5.00 a.m. to 6.00 you may run instead of walk once they start chasing.Similarly by mistaken identity somebody may bash or even murder.Walkin... Read More »

Why do they call j walking j walking?

Back in the day people refered to hicks or hillbillies as "jays". When a Jay made a visit to the big city they thought they could just cross the street anywhere they pleased and would get themselve... Read More »

Is it better to go walking before you eat or after you eat?

For light exercise such as walking, it really shouldn't matter. Being completely starved when walking isn't much fun at all, but assuming you're well energized, walking before isn't going to create... Read More »