Wait, so if I call people names, that will make everyone disbelieve homeopathy?

Answer I agree with you.I dont believe in homeopathy but there is no need for name calling,personal attacks etc.That includes ridicule,sarcasm,caustic remarks and insults said under the guise of humour.It... Read More »

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Did you call to let everyone know you were in labor - or wait until you delivered?

I waited until after wards to call people. Delivery is private, and should be kept that way. It is harder for the doctors and nurses to do their job with 20 people coming in and out of the room a... Read More »

How to Make a Halloween Punch That Everyone Will Love?

If you enjoy Ribena or wish to have a creative drink for a Halloween party, try this unique drink to share with friends.

If everyone knows cigarettes are bad, and that the people who make them shold be sued, then why do they keep?

There are about 6.5 people in the world, I presume about1 billion smoke. That's 1/6 of the population.People just can't stop smoking, imagine it as if someone banned drinking alcohol, it's not like... Read More »

What do you call the people that make the barrels for beer?

A Cooper. Know anybody by that name? Now you know how their ancestors earned a living.