Waht is pen drive pls explain>>>>?

Answer A Pen Drive is a small USB storage drive, you can transfer any type of data from your PC or Apple computer and take it with you for use on another computer. This is a real Pen Drive some are not a... Read More »

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Explain the C Drive?

Computers run sophisticated programs on a constant basis. PCs rely on a complex array of hardware to run those operations efficiently. One such piece of hardware is the C drive.

Can someone please explain Hard Drive vs Ram?

Thats so simple RAM and Hard disk are two different things though they are memories and used for different works.....Hard disk is only used to store ur programms like when u save ur word file or sa... Read More »

Can anyone explain what would cause a CD to shatter into pieces during operation. I have an LG 52X Max Drive.?

the CD may have had microscopic cracks in it and when the centripetal force of the spinning of the drive was applied, it produced fractures on the cracks, and made them get bigger until the whole ... Read More »

Can someone explain why the hard drive is giving a loud noise throughout the time Im using it.?

Reasons. Hmm....Hard drives are mechanical devices.They work by spinning a metal disk (or several)around at 5400/7200/10000/15000 rpm using a motor., they... Read More »