"WW2" Patrol Crafts?

Answer As the United States entered the WWII, Germany's U-boats prowled the North Atlantic waters, threatening commercial and military shipping lanes. The campaign was so successful that the German navy ... Read More »

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Why is the patrol vehicle so important in the lives and duties of patrol officers?

Navy ROTC is the Reserve Officers Training Corps. It teaches the basic skills to become a commissioned officer in the navy. Terminology, etiquette, formalities are taught. In addition there is s... Read More »

How is offshore patrol vessel different from inshore patrol vessel?

Offshore patrol vessels have much deeper hulls, and tend to be larger vessels, overall. An offshore vessel has to deal with weather conditions a river patrol vessel will not have to, and generally ... Read More »

How do I get rid of Cyber Patrol?

Click the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of your taskbar. Click “Control Panel” followed by “Programs.” Select “Programs and Features.” Locate Cyber Patrol in the program list, t... Read More »

How to Be on Prank Patrol?

Are you always getting your leg pulled? Do you want to change it today? Well, it's your dream come true.