WTF wrong with internet?

Answer You need to work on troubleshooting the issue. It could be several things from hundreds of people trying to download the same exact file, to an outage on your ISP's backbone causing traffic to rero... Read More »

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How are we supposed to know what the **** is wrong with the internet if we have no internet?

You are supposed to read router manual and look at the lights on the router, this normally indicates if the fault is at the Internet end or on the router. Then use your brain to consider what can b... Read More »


For one. Google chrome will slow your computer down by 50%. I would uninstall if I was you. If that doesn't speed it up uninstall downloads that you never use or don't need. But first scan for a vi... Read More »

What's wrong with my internet Can somebody help me?

Hey! Ok this usually happens when you take your computer to a tech... they mess up with the settings, thus you are not able to connect. I am going to need the operating system of the computer to he... Read More »

WTF is wrong with the internet tonight?

It's probably you Internet service provider having some difficulties with weather or high traffic. It could also be that you have used a large amount of bandwidth this month and are being 'throttle... Read More »