WTF wiki "cant create account" problem?

Answer Sure does, Am. You've obviously been hacked by this "Wayne656" character. He hacked me just last week so I sent him an email telling him to stop and go and hack someone else. Mind you, if you and h... Read More »

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Why when I try to create a new "gmail" account it converts to "googlemail" account.Why cant I just get Gmail?

dont worry anyways is going to be @gmail.com…

Help plzzzzzzz.......cant create a facebook account.... ?

check ur email they send u the account information there fill that username & password ... if still no access then try forgot password do all steps ur'll recover ur password

How do I delete my account off of a wiki?

Deleting your accountAccounts with contributions cannot be deleted since this would allow another user to create the account, and claim authorship of those edits. It is not possible for your edits ... Read More »

How do i delete my account on Creepypasta Wiki?