WTF happened to my tooth 2 years ago?

Answer Yes, it was the tooth fairy.

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After reviewing your x-ray of a tooth that had root canal 10 years ago an infection was discovered can this infection be treated with antibiotics as opposed to pulling the tooth?

AnswerIt's possible, but the infection will most likely come back again. There is no telling when, but it will. A week, two years, no way to tell.- You can also see an endodontist for a retreatment... Read More »

My boyfriend just told me he's had his tooth brush for 12 years...!?

Celebb BB - because of what happened two years ago with Shilpa and Jade?

they will go for it and there are a few fiery people in the house if shilpa had been white no fuss would of been made pete burns was racist and nasty yet he got away scott free

Whatever happened to wonderama which featured sonny fox and was on channel 5 for years?

Skippy was a 50 year old man dressed as a kangaroo and saved peoples lives to get in the pants of them or their family. He is located in the mountain region of your mother's torso. He only comes ou... Read More »