WOMAN ONLY! Exercising Question!?

Answer Haha, "women only", like you really expected any of your contacts to pay attention to that...I think you need your verchina inspected, perhaps you have left something in it which is causing this ex... Read More »

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I have a question about a woman's private parts?

Women do not urinate through the same hole that the tampon goes in. I also recommend not asking any woman about this on a date. Its a guarantee that you won't have a second date.

What does intercourse feel like to a woman (not your typical vacant-minded question)?

Okay, I kept this one open for a while because I think it deserves a thoughtful answer. It's actually a good question.If you'll allow me, I'll say something on the nature of intercourse first.Cultu... Read More »

How long can a normal man last without having sex 'n the same question for a normal woman?

A "normal" human (man or woman) could potentially go an entire life time of 100 or more years without sex, it's called celibacy. Therefore, the correct answer to your question is women, because the... Read More »

How to Have Fun Exercising As a Kid?

Exercising doesn't have to be boring- and for kids, it can be as fun as playing a school sport or a simple playground game! Here are some steps to making exercise fun for kids and teens.