Answer It's gone already.It got deleted by User:Mfield for being a hoax.


Why is Wikipedia so hostile to experts?

I'd like to quote or paraphrase something I read once on another site, which really drives home the point you're making:Can you imagine a classroom where the professor didn't have any "special priv... Read More »

Should the German Wikipedia allow edits only by experts in their subject area?

There may have been debate but it's not a serious proposal because what you're describing isn't Wikipedia; it's a different project called Citizendium. The ability to contribute to Wikipedia articl... Read More »

If Wikipedia paid experts to write or edit articles, what would the cost be?

Money is not the only thing that Wikipedia could pay experts. If they were to be given control and a byline, I think most experts would be willing to accept a token amount of money for their work. ... Read More »

What Are Experts?

According to the Free Online Dictionary, the primary definition of "expert" is a person "with a degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject." A secondary definition of expert refers to the... Read More »