WIFI. This is going to sound like a blonde Q. My BT hub keeps dropping out?

Answer Strange, when my BT hub kept dropping out it was because it was crammed in a corner getting no air and overheating. If yours is dropping out and its well ventilated then i would first check the plu... Read More »

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Windows 8 keeps dropping my wifi?

Windows 8 wouldn't cause that, maybe your router just sucks.EDIT: Even if those aren't the problems, the OS wouldn't have anything to do with the internet.

Who is the blonde singer in black hood on the recording sound board for directv?

Dark blonde hair with old light blonde streaks, or color darker over it all?

Blonde with light blonde streaks. As we get older, we have to go lighter and shorter. I have always had long or medium length dark brown hair but I went short with hightlights last month and, my Go... Read More »

Asked for "natural blonde" highlights and now have white-blonde roots and slightly orange hair?

Your hair won't fall out from dying it again, but the color matching will be difficult. Take care with this.