WHat is ur absolute favourite food(s)?

Answer Sweet and Sour Chicken. There's this korean restaurant here that makes them and they are so good!

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What is your one absolute favourite girls name?

Helena Catherine...Helena Catherine and Clara Madeleine are tied for my favorite, but since Helena Catherine has been on my list longer, I will go with that. =)

What is your absolute, I mean ABSOLUTE favorite show ever Seriously, ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW?

FRIENDS ALL THE WAY! I still laugh my face off when i watch it.

Can you name two of your favourite foods..?

What are your favourite and least favourite movie genres?

I like a lot of different types of movies but I hate "Slasher" movies and heavy Dramas. I also don't like most of the teen movies either. I do like "Harry Potter" though. Don't ask because I don't ... Read More »