How to Start a Black Metal Band?

Answer Black metal is a very interesting metal sub-genre of the metal scene. It includes high-pitch shrieks, fast distorted guitars and fast blast beating. Wanna get that grim sound of your own? Then pick... Read More »

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Why did the Black Metal band Mayhem start to sing rap?

What is the name of the best black metal band that ever existed in the history of rock?

That's debatable, but in terms of their effect and influence I'd say Venom, since they more or less invented black metal.

Black metal/grind metal type lyrics, but NOT black metal/grind metal?

Who cares about lyrics in extreme metal? Weirdo.Try Ghost B.C

Metal heads in need of help, looking for black metal bands?

50 or 100?? No thanks...Carpathian ForestGorgorothHypothermiaMutiilationAustereThy LightLost InsideColdWorldLeviathanDarkthroneImmortalXasthurDark FuneralArmagedda