How to Integrate Sin^2 X?

Answer The solution to the integral of sin^2(x) requires you to recall principles of both trigonometry and calculus. Don't conclude that since the integral of sin(x) equals -cos(x), the integral of sin^2(... Read More »

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How to Integrate by Substitution?

This How-To assumes that you know how to differentiate functions and can integrate simple functions. Integration by substitution can be achieved in two methods. The simpler method, which this How-T... Read More »

How to Integrate Music Into Your Day?

is that...the macarena?It's undeniable that there is a rhythm to your day. Your day also has a mood, or tone, and music can have a subtle or profound effect here, and shouldn't be an unconscious de... Read More »

How to Integrate WMP to Ventrilo?

After setting up your Ventrilo client to broadcast music, you then can choose which music program to integrate to the server. If your music library is Windows Media Player, you can integrate this i... Read More »

How to Integrate Web Map Services?

Over the last few years, Web map services have been started and offered for free reuse by Google, MapQuest, and Yahoo. Map services can be used to provide visual and text descriptions and direction... Read More »