WHat does a cavity look like?

Answer It definitely sounds like cavities to me. There is nothing that can help a cavity "go away". You have to go to a dentist and have him drill the decay out and then fill the tooth. Just go tell them ... Read More »

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How does a cavity look like?

One question is what makes you think that you have a cavity (caries)? Cavities can differ greatly in size, from tiny pin point holes in the grooves of the teeth to giant gaping holes that trap foo... Read More »

What does a cavity feel like?

Sensitvity to sweets and cold, so it's probably a cavity. Go to your dentist to make sure

What does getting a cavity filled feel like?

After the initial needle used to inject the local (scale 2 -3) there is no pain at all - not even when the local wears off after an hour or two.The worst bit is thinking it might hurt!

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