WHY do people judge others on CHOICE OF FOOD?

Answer People judge because "You ARE what you EAT".They attack because they're IGNORANT.The things u say, wear and eat say a lot about the person you are.I've been Veg since '92 and I'm constantly being v... Read More »

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Do people judge others for not wearing makeup?

Makeup for girls/women makes you look presentable. Now I am not saying to go cake your face in makeup, but I am saying when you look put together people will notice that. If you look like you just ... Read More »

Why do people judge others with tattoos?

You sound like me! I drive a truck, have tats, had my daughter at 18 and I've even lived in a trailer but we are NOT trailer trash! We are normal people living our lives to the best of our abilit... Read More »

Why do people watch judge judy and judge mathis these 'judges' have more personal problems than the litigants.very degrading and mean spirited..the opposite character of what a judge should possess?

Judge Judy expects a direct answer to a direct question & does not tolerate word-games. This would be fine if she was polite and not abusive herself. But she does not respect anyone herself so shou... Read More »

Why do people in the US often confuse parental choice and personal choice, regarding infant circumcision.?

People who say it's a "personal choice" or "mind your own business" simply have not sat down and calmly pondered the idea of letting their son choose for himself what HE wants with HIS body. It's s... Read More »