WHY can't we get GREAT Chinese & Italian food in Nevada or Arizona ?

Answer I feel your pain. I'm in southern NM and, when I visit friends in other parts of the country, invariably they say "I know this great Mexican restaurant" and I try to talk them out of it but they ar... Read More »

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Do you prefer Chinese food, or Italian food?

Strangely Italian Food is Chinese Food. Some say because of the importance of Venice as an international trading port supplies of silk, tea and spices made their torturous way from China before Mar... Read More »

Do you prefer Italian or Chinese food?

Italian one nite and the next we have Chinese.


i've never had thai. i've always wanted to try it.. but never did. loli LOVE italian. and chinesebut italian is definitely my favorite!i love spaghetti haha

Food Survey. Italian, Indian, Thai or Chinese?

very very hard... lolfrom what you've put up here I'd say ITALIAN...But I also love Persian, French, and Turkish...