WHO R U WHY do people contact strangers I have NOTHING in common with them.?

Answer Well that is the great world of internet!!! Seems this is a place people feel comfortable to make their move lolI hate to say it, but some people just need someone to talk to at that moment, and f... Read More »

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Facebook : Do you like it when strangers or people you don't talk to like your status?

Depends on how frequenty they do it once or twice cool all your or most of your post then you've got a fb stalker

Why are there so many people who ask perfect strangers if they're pregnant instead of using a home pregnancy test?

Answer Because they may be very young, frightened, afraid to tell their parents and feel they have no one else to turn too. What does peeing on a strip mean if they already know they're pregnant an... Read More »

Most people are uncomfortable making eye contact with people with crossed eyes?

i honestly know how you feel. i was born with both of my eyes crossed inward. they were both corrected by a strabismus surgery, but the results were not permanent. now i have two lazy eyes, and ... Read More »

What does it mean when people add you as a contact on Youtube?

Because he look for you or your thing have been show on youtube.