How is Heinz tomato ketchup made?

Answer The H. J. Heinz Company has been producing tomato ketchup since 1876. It is the company's best-selling product and popular throughout the world. Heinz promotes the natural qualities of its ketchup ... Read More »

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When was Heinz Ketchup invented?

Henry J. Heinz started making ketchup in 1876. Ketchup has become an American food staple since. Of course, Heinz was not the inventor of ketchup. He just popularized it in the United States.Sourc... Read More »

Why do so many regard me with contempt when I put ketchup on steak?

If you are going to pay that much money for a steak you should want to taste the steak, not the ketchup. Reserve ketchup for steaks that don't have a good flavor.Steak sauce and ketchup cover the ... Read More »

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