WHAT amount of alcohol is safe for a pregnant woman to drink?

Answer none !! you should not drink alcohol at all when pregnant

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What happens when pregnant woman drink alcohol and smoke?

There is an increased risk that the baby can be a still born be born prematurely.

What mouthwash is safe for pregnant woman?

Answer Water would be good and not other mouthwashes

Should a woman drink alcohol if she believes she is in week two of a pregnancy?

Answer Hello!!!! If a woman thinks she is pregnant, then NO she should not be drinking alcohol!! It really doesn't matter what week of pregnancy she "thinks" she is in. No amount of alcohol has be... Read More »

Why must a pregnant woman avoid alcohol?

A pregnant woman must avoid alcohol because if she drinks alcohol the chemicals in it will go to the unborn baby and there is a high percentage that baby will either die or be physically mental.