WHAT TYPE OF SPIDER IS IT and is it harmless?

Answer It is not a widow, and it is not a brown recluse, so it will be harmless.Typically, a spider this size would not be able to cause any significant bite.Just wash with soap and water, and go on your ... Read More »

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Spider bite... harmless?

It's fine as long as you aren't allergic, and from the sounds of it you aren't. If you were. you would of swollen up so much, that it'd be unbelievable... so as a whole, you're fine.

What type of cream should you use for spider bites ?

Depends on which spider but first take the First aid Kit, And visit an doctor ! it shall be better , it COULD BE SERIOSE

What type of spider is black with white stripes?

Do you know what type of Spider this one is, we saw it outside and thought it looked nice (pic included)? little orb weaver... spiny back....…