How to Make the Best Pokemon Team on Pokemon Diamond?

Answer This is an article on how to make the best Pokemon team in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

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What Pokemon evolves with a leaf stone in Pokemon XD?

Nuzleaf evolves into a Shiftry and Weepinbell evolves into Victreebell with the help of a Leaf Stone. You can find it after defeating the Spy Naps and successfully rescuing Professor Krane.Referenc... Read More »

What Pokemon can learn Flash in Pokemon Fire Red?

The rule of thumb is that any electric type Pokemon in Fire Red can learn the move Flash, but many other Pokemon of various types can learn it as well. A full list of these Pokemon is available in ... Read More »

What Pokemon is number 114 in the Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

Number 114 in the Pokemon Pearl Pokedex is Tangela, a grass-type Pokemon. Its face is hidden by the blue vines that surround it, and it evolves into Tangrowth, Number 465 in the Pokedex.Source:Poke... Read More »

How to Be the Best Pokemon Fan in the World?

The pokemon saysDo you love Pokemon? This article shows you how to be the number one Pokemon fan.