WHAT IS THE BEST DINNER your mom cooked when you were little?

Answer 1. fried chicken/fried pork chops with fried cream corn, fried okra, purple hull peas, cabbage, and turnip greens. hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream2. homemade vegetable beef soup with cornbread... Read More »

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What was the one thing your mom cooked when you were little that you dreaded eating?

Canned French cut string beans!My older sisters told me they were sliced worms and I believed them.I used to try and feed them under the table to the dog but as he was to smart to eat them either, ... Read More »

How were pies cooked when there were no electric ovens?

I am pretty sure that most baking was done in fire brick ovens, like the Amish do now.

Who cooked your dinner tonight?

My dinner wasn't cooked.I had almond stuffed green olives, some flattened - everything bagels, and some tomato juice..

Home-cooked Dinner Or Dinner ordered & delivered?

Home-cooked and shared with Wonderful people is my choice! Enjoy your weekend also Scooter!