Answer How old are you? Probably you haven't grown / matured enough to know things to that level?Masturbation is getting to sexual pleasure by self while sex is the process of giving birth to the next ge... Read More »


Masturbation What do I do?

Wow, not listen to the other three answers. They won't help. First- don't insert anything. If you are still a virgin its probably just going to be uncomfortable, counter productive, and you... Read More »

What are the effects of masturbation ?

Aside from stress relief, pleasure, etc. that is all subjective from person-to-person, masturbation has a few benefits/risks.Benefits: Increased sperm count (this is considered healthy), helps alle... Read More »

What are the drawbacks of masturbation ?

Absolutely no harm . As somebody has answered already, people do it through out their life .In case of girls, the structure of orifice may change, the opening walls may become thicker, otherwise no... Read More »

What are the disadvantages of masturbation?

Yes,you will feel sleepy,will be wanting a girl to f** so bad,will be an addiction like drugs..once u will stop it then you will feel different in your body.But don't feel like a loser cause even t... Read More »