WHAT IS CLI AND GUI please explain I know nothing except the full form?

Answer CLI - Command Line Interface 9 (Ex. a command prompt, or terminal in Linux)GUI - Graphical User Interface (Ex. Windows)Google it.

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Can someone explain what a 1099 G form is?

1099-G is for payments to you by the Government that may need to be counted as income.

Explain Form 4506-T From the IRS?

You can use Form 4506-T to request that the IRS send you information from your previously filed tax returns. You might need this form if you have lost your tax records, or if a potential employer o... Read More »

How to Explain a Disability on a Job Application Form?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects job applicants who have disabilities from unfair prejudice in the hiring process. In fact, you are not even legally required to disclose your disa... Read More »

. Write ISA in full and explain by ISA?