When u prank call...?

Answer I've never done it but my brother and his friends would look in the phone book for someone with the last name of Whitehead. They would call and ask for Mr. or Mrs. Blackhead and when the person sai... Read More »

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Who Should I Prank Call?

The 99 cent store, their number is 67323399991. Pretty much you ask them how much stuff costs, and its pretty funny cause the guys are young and dont know what to do! Have fun ;)

Prank call help!!!!!?

Post the number and ask everyone to ring it , after receiving a few thousand calls they will probably ring you and ask you how you did it and beg you to stop !

How to Prank Call Someone You Know?

stewie prank callHave you ever tried to prank call your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, or cousin but they immediately figured out it was you? Here's the guide so that it will never happen a... Read More »

Have u ever prank call someone?