WHAT DOES ISO MEAN (In photography)?

Answer The ISO function sets the light sensitivity of the camera's image sensor (this is similar to the speed rating of film. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the image sensor and therefore the poss... Read More »

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What does AP photography mean?

AP is the Associated Press, an organisation of photographers and users of other media who particularly focus on news and event coverage for newspapers and news media outlets.According to their webs... Read More »

In photography what does mm mean?

Millimeter (1/1000th of a meter). In photography, the term millimeter is used mainly in two contexts:1) to describe the focal length of a particular lens. In basic terms, the number value in millim... Read More »

What Does ISO Mean in Photography?

ISO is an acronym for International Organizational Standard. In photography, it refers to the speed of the film. The ISO number determines the image sensor's sensitivity to light. Low ISO numbers s... Read More »

What does macro mean in photography?

Macro photography means taking real close up photographs of your subject like flowers or even baby's toes to capture a lot of detail in your photos.