WHAT DO 2 people do in bed to have a baby?

Answer sexual intercourse

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Is 16 too young to have a baby will people think bad of you if you've got at baby at 16?

AnswerIt is very young but you can do it. You can apply for some type of financial assistance and go to university down the road. I was 26 with my first and only child and honestly there would of b... Read More »

What are some dumb things people have said or asked about your baby?

I have 3 boys (who I LOVE dearly. Boys are fun) but people constantly ask me "oh are you going to try again for a girl?" or "oh I bet you wish you had a girl" and it's like no actually I love havin... Read More »

What are the craziest things people have done/said whilst looking at/holding your baby?

the other day there this old lady walked past us whilst we were holding our little boy and did a u-turn and came back up to us and rummaged about her carrier bags and pulled out a big birthday card... Read More »

Do people still have baby showers?

Having a baby is such an exciting part of the married couple's life. Enjoying a baby shower is twice the fun because the parents-to-be get to share the excitement and happiness that they feel with ... Read More »