WHAT DO 2 people do in bed to have a baby?

Answer sexual intercourse

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Is 16 too young to have a baby will people think bad of you if you've got at baby at 16?

AnswerIt is very young but you can do it. You can apply for some type of financial assistance and go to university down the road. I was 26 with my first and only child and honestly there would of b... Read More »

What age do you think is the youngest people should even CONSIDER having a baby?

21 if you talking a must! to be real honest 24 25 would be perfect! cause they would have got all their partying out. and past the stage of "bad guys" are hot! parents probably arent pampering them... Read More »

Why do people keep baby teeth?

Because the tooth nerve is made up of three major parts that cause the baby tooth to be pushed out and a new one to come in. sometimes not all of the teeth get reached therefore the person with thi... Read More »

Does a baby get freaked out by more people?

sometimes baby get freaked that's why he or she start crying