WARNING:This is a serious survey question- Have you got a facebook account?

Answer yes im addicted

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I have a serious question, only serious answers please!?

Maybe you should check the settings if you havent already on the start bar at the bottom of the computer you can double click on the speaker and make sure that all sound volumes are turned up. If t... Read More »

Facebook Account ( a question please! )?

Yes your friend will be able to see all the message you sent them still. Your name will be in plain black text with no link to your profile.They do say the number of times you can activate and reac... Read More »

I have a ver serious question?

Dude, When you first started drinking, did you mean to drink until it almost killed you? NO, And I know you don`t mean it this time either, But that is what is gonna happen.. Please don`t do it.. ... Read More »

Do you have glasses (This is a serious question)?

im 15 and i wear storm desinger glasses tay are the best at specsavers thay do relly nice bench glasses look in specsavers good luck