WAC Project: Ideas for Making a Calendar for a Teacher?

Answer The life of a teacher is often a busy one, making a calendar a useful tool. While nearly any calendar can work as a teacher organization tool, if making a calendar specifically for a teacher in you... Read More »

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Teacher Art Project Ideas?

For an art teacher, remaining creative and evolving is of utmost importance. Thus, the prospect of coming up with new art projects for a class year after year can become daunting. But it is possibl... Read More »

Card-Making Ideas for a Kindergarten Teacher?

Your kindergartners can make many different types of cards using their handprints. Your students will need materials like crayons, tempera paint, a paint brush and construction paper folded in half... Read More »

Ideas for Making a Habitat for a School Project?

School projects that require you to make a model habitat test both your knowledge of the particular landscape and your creativity in recreating it. Model habitats can be built using everyday househ... Read More »

Ideas for Making an Instrument for a Science Project?

Sound is scientific concept that is defined as the vibration of air molecules in the pattern of waves. One of the best ways to learn about the science of sound is to construct a musical instrument.... Read More »