Volvo S40 Headlight Replacement Instructions?

Answer A Volvo S40 has headlight assemblies that hold the headlights as well as parking lights, turn signal lights and side markers. Making sure these lights are operational is important to ensuring your ... Read More »

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Instructions for Replacing a Volvo S40 Headlight Assembly?

The Volvo S40's headlight assembly is more than just the housing for the headlights. This single unit also holds the parking light, turn signal, side-marker light and high beams. Removing this unit... Read More »

Headlight Assembly Replacement Instructions?

A vehicle headlight assembly includes the bulb inside the plastic housing on the front of the light. Headlight assemblies mount to a car with bolts from inside the engine compartment. Flying road d... Read More »

Pontiac Grand Am Headlight Replacement Instructions?

Eventually the headlight bulbs on your Pontiac Grand Am will burn out. You can easily replace the bulbs in just a few minutes. Purchase a replacement bulb from any auto parts store or online.

Honda Civic Headlight Replacement Instructions?

The headlights on a Honda Civic need to be functional at all times. In most states you can get a traffic citation for driving with a failed headlight. The Honda Civic uses halogen headlight bulbs t... Read More »