Volvo Engine Problems?

Answer Volvo cars are renowned for their safety and dependability. However, like all cars, they have engine trouble and break down from time to time. If yours isn't working, you can try a few simple tests... Read More »

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What Engine Problems Would I Have With Cracked Engine Heads?

An engine block, sometimes mistakenly called an "engine head" (most likely after "cylinder head"), are a vital part to any functioning engine. A cracked engine block occurs when a point in the soli... Read More »

How to Change an Engine Mount on a Volvo?

Engine mounts on a Volvo secure the engine in place. There are two or three mounts on a Volvo, depending on the year of the vehicle and the model. The only time mounts need to be changed is when th... Read More »

Which Volvo used the 110-hp B18 engine?

The Volvo B18 engine, an inline/straight four-cylinder engine considered by enthusiasts to be highly durable, produced 75 to 115 horsepower and was used from 1961 to 1968 in a variety of vehicles i... Read More »

How to Replace Volvo 850 Engine Mounts?

There are four engine mounts on the Volvo 850's engine. Two mounts are located on the upper right and left side of the engine to keep the engine from thrashing around, and two are found on the bott... Read More »