Volume problem with tv?

Answer Regular TV - no cable box, HDTV box or satellite box - Problem is with the TV - Get it fixed if it was expensive model or buy a new one if estimate for repairs exceeds cost of new TV with same fea... Read More »

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IPod Volume Problem...?

yeah i used to have the exact same problem on my ipod... when it's plugged into the computer, go through itunes to a song that plays loudly. Right click on it and the click "get info". a screen s... Read More »

Sound-Volume problem (Laptop)?

Go to the laptop's mfg website, like HP, Dell etc.Find the area for Support and download and enter your laptop info.Look for something that is for Audio or Sound card drivers.Download the correct d... Read More »

Surround Sound System volume problem.?

One of the WORST September 9, 2009By Michael R. KaiserThis is probably the worst Home Theater System you can find. I would list the pros and cons but there isn't anything good about the system at a... Read More »

Your LCD TV has developed a problem The Channels go on rolling and the volume goes up and down on its own It is out of warranty?

Check the remote to see if a button is stuck. Push every button a few times to unstick it.