Volume Games for Kids?

Answer Volume is the measurement of the area contained inside a three-dimensional object. It is an important geometrical idea that should be taught at a young age. There are many different volume games yo... Read More »

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Experiments for Kids of Pitch and Volume?

Pitch and volume experiments allow students to learn how sound is effected by air, gasses and their own eardrums. By testing pitch and volume, children will come to a better understanding of how t... Read More »

Math Activity About Volume for Kids?

Volume is a measure of the space that an object occupies. Learning to calculate volume is a basic skill that students will apply in the study of physics, geometry, engineering and chemistry. You c... Read More »

Math Games for Volume & Capacity?

Volume and capacity are related terms in mathematics. Volume is the amount of space an object occupies. Capacity is the amount of fluid an object can hold. Games can help reinforce these ideas taug... Read More »

Volume and Capacity Math Games for Fifth Grade?

Volume is the measurement of the three-dimensional area occupied by a shape. Capacity is related to volume, in that it is the measurement of how much fluid an object can hold. Fifth-graders are jus... Read More »