Volcanoes in the Classroom?

Answer A volcano is an opening in the Earth that allows hot lava and gas to be released from below the Earth's surface. This release can be constant or through an eruption, which can occur with little or ... Read More »

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Differences Between Mud Volcanoes & Phreatomagmatic Volcanoes?

The mountainous structure of a volcano is responsible for unleashing massive amounts of energy, lava and ash during an eruption. Mud and phreatomagmatic are words that best describe a type of erupt... Read More »

Projects on Volcanoes?

Whether for fun or as a science project for school, projects on volcanoes are educational and entertaining. Demonstrating creativity and showing an understanding of a volcano's function improves th... Read More »

Homemade Volcanoes?

A homemade volcano is the epitome of a classic science experiment. Volcanoes, or ruptures in the earth's crust from which magma and gases erupt, are one of nature's most dangerous and exciting natu... Read More »

Impacts of Volcanoes?

Volcanoes are openings in the Earth's crust that allow gases and hot magma to escape. They are typically found where tectonic plates collide and are essential to alleviate the dangerous build-up of... Read More »