Voice (not noise) cancelling headphones?

Answer Well True noise cancelling headphones work like this: There is a tiny microphone on the outside of the headphones that records the surround noise. The headphones then take this signal and flip it ... Read More »

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What are the best noise cancelling headphones?

How does noise cancelling headphones works?

No, Beats by Dr. Dres are headphones, they have no memory to hold songs. You have to plug them into a device that outputs music through a standard 3.5mm output jack (ex. iPod).

Are there headphones that do the opposite of noise cancelling?

There are no earbuds that I know of except cheap apple earbuds, but open air headphones like the grado SR80 and sennheiser HD238 will not block sound because they are open and not closed like typic... Read More »

Noise Cancelling Headphones for Children?

Although noise cancelling headphones are a more expensive accessory, there are several similar models that use noise-reducing technology for children. Using these headphones could protect kids' hea... Read More »