Voice coming from my phone randomly?

Answer This is a common problem that involves a 'crossed' phone line. your phone company can fix it.

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My head phone's voice is not coming what should i do?

Check that the device is producing sound - what are the headphones plugged into? Is the volume on the device turned up. Is there a sound control panel? Unplug them and see if it is working. if nec... Read More »

IPod Touch 4G screen coming off and dies randomly?

Hello sorry to here you are having problems. I have some answers. The issue with screen and light coming out of it means your screen is breaking apart this does not mean your screen is broke but do... Read More »

Why does my phone randomly vibrate?

Because it wants to sex you up.-fabioSorry…just had to say that. But check to see if you have any apps installed that give notifications such as ones that monitor the battery power, email apps, r... Read More »

Voice coming from my intercom system.. Please help, I'm so scared?